SAM Office B.V. operates using the autonomous system AS59985.

We have an open peering policy, without minimum traffic requirements.

We require an up-to-date PeeringDB entry for all public peering requests, including exchange information with properly formatted public fabric addresses, ASNs, and NOC/peering contact information.

We ask that peers also maintain their private peering facility details, as we use this information for private peering (PNI) targeting.


Peering Information

AS: 59985
Prefixes announced: 2
MD5 password: Preferably
Peering email:
NOC email:   

Technical Requirements

If you want to peer your network with SAM Office B.V., your network must have:

Publicly routable ASN.
Publicly routable address space (at least one /24 of IPv4 subnet).
ASN record completed in PeeringDB.
Presence at an Internet Exchanges listed for SAM Office B.V. in PeeringDB.
Minimum traffic requirements as above.
Up to date Maintainer, ASN, AS-SET, and Route objects in a IRR.